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Waste Warriors of Shri Guru Ram Rai School of Education

There is something which is so very important for us to live in and because we live in it ,we need to protect it . This something is our Environment.To protect this environment we need to keep its maintenance and the first and foremost thing of this maintenance is WASTE MANAGEMENT.


We at SGRR School of Education have realised the importance of waste management and the first and foremost thing to do in its pursuit is the proper disposal of garbage and waste .Waste material has to be disposed at the right place .This is a necessity to keep the environment clean .

The SGRR University administration along with its teachers and students has set up a proper waste disposal system in all around the campus both in education departments as well as canteen and the entire premises has set up waste disposal dustbins.The students make sure that waste has to be disposed at the right place,the dustbin which would keep up cleanliness . The first purpose of waste management is to maintain cleanliness and it is cleanliness which prevents a lot of diseases.


The SGRR University has a big campus and has a big garden and a big botanical garden wherein a variety of plants , herbs and trees are grown. Our Institution has built up a proper system through which we follow the rule of “Give back to the nature “ .


The dead remains of plants and flowers ,dead grass and fallen leaves are properly collected in our vermi compost unit .It is then treated in treatment pits before which it is mixed with waste produced by cattle and this compost is used as a natural manure for the soil to make it fertile for gardening and plantation purpose again.This is done by our university with the purpose of using gardening waste and dead plant material as a nutrient for the soil to make it fertile to be used for plantation again as well as to maintain cleanliness by making the right use of waste . This is nothing but following the natural law of waste management which has been used in our country since the days of Indus Valley Civilization and our university follows this law with the help of modernised techniques .Along with the vermicompost long pits ,small waste treatment pits are made in the plantation area itself ,to prepare compost with the help of natural energy that is sunlight .


  • The collection of waste is done with a proper system so “nothing is wasted and all is used.
  • The purpose of waste management is to make waste useful .


Along with what we are doing at present we have a future plan for the purpose of waste management as well.

The senior students have started to educate the juniors the different ways to prevent unnecessary waste such as bringing water bottles and filling them up at drinking water stations installed in the university buildings instead of buying plastic water bottles,bringing an extra handkerchief rather than using tissues for handwiping and using of shampoo bars rather than shampoo sold in plastic bottles and pouches which produces plastic wastes and use of bamboo or wodden toothbrushes .Girl students particularly educate fellow students about how to use kitchen waste as a biofertilizer .

Apart from this a plan is set up up to make decorative items out of waste which gives the process Of waste management the beauty of creativity and also use of disposed plastic bottles for flowering and plantations.


The vision of our institute is to to give a message of waste management to Keep our environment clean by making sure that no waste is wasted by giving back nutrition to the soil by the proper treatment of natural waste as well as making waste which is not easily compostable to make something which adds a decoration to our surrounding and to make waste useful which benefits the environment.

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