Best bsc hons agriculture course college Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Course Overview

School School of Agricultural Sciences
Eligibility Intermediate with 45% marks and for SC/ST as per the University Rules with PCB/PCM /Agriculture/Horticulture as one of the subjects
Duration 4 Years
Admission Process As per University Norms

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The BSc hons Agriculture course is a comprehensive four-year undergraduate program that centers on the research and practical application of agricultural science. The curriculum encompasses a range of subjects, including Genetics and Plant Breeding, Seed Science and Technology, Horticulture, Agricultural Microbiology, Soil Science, Agronomy, Entomology, and Plant Pathology. At SGRR University Dehradun, the best bsc hons agriculture course college in Dehradun Uttarakhand this course equips individuals with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, allowing them to adapt to modern agricultural practices and advancements.

Why Students should Pursue Bsc Hons Agriculture:

Thriving Agricultural Sector: India's economy heavily relies on agriculture, providing ample opportunities for BSc Hons Agriculture graduates to contribute to the nation's growth and development.

Diverse Career Options: Pursuing BSc Hons Agriculture opens doors to various career paths, including agribusiness management, research, crop consulting, agricultural extension services, and sustainable farming practices.

Global Demand: Agriculture is a universal field, and BSc Hons Agriculture graduates are sought after not only in India but also globally due to increasing concerns about food security and sustainable agriculture practices.

Technological Advancements: The agriculture sector is embracing advanced technologies, making it an exciting time to be part of the industry and utilize cutting-edge techniques for improved productivity.

Research and Innovation: The course equips students with research skills, enabling them to explore innovative solutions to agricultural challenges and contribute to scientific advancements.

Contribution to Food Security: With a growing population, the need for skilled agricultural professionals becomes crucial to ensure food production meets the rising demand.

Environmental Sustainability: BSc Hons Agriculture programs emphasize sustainable farming practices, enabling students to play a significant role in promoting eco-friendly approaches to agriculture.

Government Support: The Indian government actively supports and invests in the agriculture sector, offering various schemes and incentives for agricultural professionals.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Graduates can explore entrepreneurial ventures in agriculture, such as starting their farms or agribusinesses, leveraging the knowledge gained during the course.

Fulfilling and Impactful Career: Working in agriculture offers a sense of fulfillment as students can directly contribute to the betterment of society by ensuring food production, environmental conservation, and rural development. If you want to apply for taking admission in Bsc Hons Agriculture, you can apply for Online Registration


Why to choose SGRR University Dehradun for Bsc Hons Agriculture:


SGRR University Dehradun, the best bachelor of science degree in agriculture in Dehradun Uttarakhand, India embodies all the qualities required for teaching BSc Hons Agriculture to its students:

Expert Faculty: SGRR University has a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty members in various disciplines of agriculture, ensuring top-notch education. There are several qualified and knowledgeable faculties for Phd programs not only in agriculture but for other courses as well.

Well-Equipped Laboratories: The university boasts state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with modern agricultural tools and technology, facilitating practical learning and research.

Industry Collaboration: SGRR University collaborates with renowned agricultural industries and research institutions, providing students with invaluable exposure and up-to-date insights.

Research Opportunities: The university encourages research initiatives, enabling students to explore innovative solutions and contribute to the progress of agricultural sciences.

Comprehensive Curriculum: We offer a comprehensive curriculum encompassing essential subjects like Agronomy, Horticulture, Genetics, Soil Science, Entomology, and more, delivering a holistic understanding of agriculture.

Practical Training: Students at SGRR University engage in practical training through field visits, internships, and hands-on experiences, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.

Agricultural Extension Services: Through its agricultural extension services, SGRR University facilitates interaction with farmers, understanding their challenges, and providing practical training-based solutions.

Sustainable Agriculture Focus: SGRR University emphasizes sustainable agricultural practices, fostering environmentally friendly and socially responsible farming methods among its students.

Career Support: The university offers comprehensive career counseling, placement assistance, and networking opportunities, connecting students with potential employers.

Modern Infrastructure: TheSGRR University has modern infrastructure, comprising smart classrooms, well-stocked libraries with extensive agricultural resources, and agricultural demonstration plots, elevates the overall learning experience for students.

B.Sc. Agriculture professionals have lot of opportunities in government, banking, NGOs, and corporate Sectors. There are huge Government as well as Private job opportunities in teaching R&D and Freelancing sectors are present in front of agriculture Graduates. Talking about Government jobs, State Agriculture Department recruits Graduates to fill up Officers level posts. In Private Sector agriculture graduates may find jobs in pesticide sector, Fertilizer industry, Agriculture Machinery Industry, Agricultural Products Marketing firms, Food processing based industry, Nurseries, Landscape & Design sector, Dairy Industry.

After completion of B.Sc. Agriculture, Graduates may opt higher education in India & abroad. There are various masters degree programmes are open for all in specialized State and Central Agricultural Universities. After completion of Master’s degree in agriculture one can apply for the position of agriculture scientist, subject matter specialist at Krishi Vigyan Kendra etc. 


The best bachelor of science degree in agriculture in Dehradun Uttarakhand, India, SGRR University mentions that after completing a BSc Hons agriculture course, graduates have various promising career paths to choose from. Here are a few job opportunities:

Agronomist: Agronomists focus on optimizing crop production by studying soil health, crop rotation, and pest management to ensure sustainable and efficient farming practices. We offer Msc Agriculture Agronomy as well.

Agricultural Extension Officer: Extension officers work with farmers, providing guidance on modern agricultural techniques, government schemes, and technological advancements to improve crop yield and livelihoods.

Agribusiness Manager: Agribusiness managers oversee operations in agricultural companies, managing production, distribution, marketing, and sales of agricultural products.

Plant Breeder/Geneticist: Plant breeders and geneticists work on developing new crop varieties that are more resilient, disease-resistant, and high-yielding, contributing to agricultural advancements.Msc agriculture in Genetics and Plant Breeding course is also provided in our university.

Soil Scientist: Soil scientists study soil composition and fertility, advising on soil conservation, land management, and sustainable agricultural practices. We offer Msc Agriculture in Soil Science course as well.

Horticulturist: Horticulturists specialize in cultivating and managing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants, ensuring optimal growth and production.

These diverse career paths offer BSc Hons Agriculture graduates the opportunity to contribute significantly to the agricultural sector and address pressing global challenges in food security and sustainable farming.

Q1. What is the scope of Agriculture?

Ans: Agricultural professionals have big responsibilities to complete the food requirement of increasing population of India. To overcome this situation Government Department of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, Plant protection organizations, Banking sector and NGOs and private sectors require B.Sc. Agriculture graduates every year. However, most of the students tend to pursue M.Sc. in different specialized fields of agriculture such as Agronomy, Soil Science, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Entomology, Horticulture, Plant Pathology and vegetable science etc. for better prospect.

Q2. What is the relevance of B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture?

Ans: B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture is the most demanding professional degree in the present scenario. Most of the government, banking, NGOs and private sectors have huge requirement to complete their targets and achievements. B.Sc. Agriculture focuses on providing in depth academic intellect along with skills required in field and laboratory. If you want to pursue your career in horticulture, agronomy, soil science, plant pathology entomology, genetics and plant breeding, seed technology and food technology etc. choose B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture for an illustrious career.

Q3. Is it mandatory to have biology in 12th for opting B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture?

Ans: No, it is not mandatory. Students from both biology and mathematics background can opt for B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture.

Q4. What are the industries/institutes that can be targeted for jobs/higher studies in India in Agriculture sector?

Ans. Following institutions and industries are in the search of B.Sc. Agriculture professional Indian agriculture research Institute, New Delhi, G.B.P.U.A&T. Pantnagar, TNAU, Punjab Agriculture University etc. Government Jobs sectors- Department of agriculture, Department of horticulture, Nationalized Banks, Private banks National and state seed corporations, KVKs, NABARD, NGOs, etc. Private companies- like Monsanto, Maharastra hybrid seeds private Ltd. VNR, Rashi seeds, Syngenta, Chambal fertilizers etc.

1) What to do after Bsc Hons Agriculture at SGRR University?

Answer:  After completing BSc Hons Agriculture from the best bsc hons agriculture course college in Dehradun Uttarakhand students have various opportunities to pursue an MSc degree in various specializations like Agronomy, entomology, seed science & technology, Soil Science, Genetics and Plant Breeding, etc.

Each of these MSc specializations provides in-depth knowledge and expertise in specific areas of agriculture, preparing graduates for diverse and rewarding career opportunities in the agricultural sector.

2) What are the emerging trends in agricultural technology, and how can BSc Hons Agriculture graduates leverage them for innovative farming practices?

Answer: Emerging trends in agricultural technology include precision farming, drone technology, AI-driven analytics, and smart irrigation systems. BSc Hons Agriculture graduates can use these technologies to optimize crop yield, monitor crop health, and reduce resource wastage, leading to more efficient and sustainable farming practices.

3) What are the potential career paths for BSc Hons Agriculture graduates in the agri-food industry beyond traditional farming roles?

Answer:  BSc Hons Agriculture graduates can explore careers in agribusiness management, agricultural marketing, food processing, agricultural finance, and agricultural consulting. These roles allow them to utilize their expertise in agriculture while contributing to different aspects of the agri-food value chain.

4) Is there a scope for research and higher studies after BSc Hons Agriculture?

Answer: Yes, students can opt for higher studies like Masters programs in specialized fields of agriculture for research-oriented careers.

5) What practical training opportunities are provided during the course?

Answer:  BSc Hons Agriculture programs typically include practical training through field visits, internships, and laboratory work to provide hands-on experience.

6) What are the job prospects for BSc Hons Agriculture graduates in the international job market?

Answer:  BSc Hons Agriculture graduates with global exposure and updated knowledge in sustainable agriculture practices are in demand worldwide.

7) How can I put a query for BSc Hons Agriculture at SGRR University?

Answer: To apply, you can check the Online Query Form given on the page.

Program Outcome (POs)

In depth understanding of operational aspects, principles and objectives of Agriculture and Allied Sciences.
Demonstrate the professional agricultural solutions in societal and environmental contexts, with the knowledge and need for sustainable development.
Critical thinking and problem solving skills to understand the importance of crop production and animal husbandry.
Use of research based knowledge in collection, presentation of data, analysis of results of experiments in laboratories and fields for their validation
Creation and selection of different technologies for agricultural purposes
Application of contextual knowledge of agricultural farming for societal purposes
Understand and evaluate ethical environment issues related to agricultural farming.
Follow professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of agricultural subjects while practicing.
Demonstrate and ability to engage in analyzing situations and constructing viable solutions to work effectively with each other.
Develop an understanding of communication methods, resources utilization, cultivation, management of crops, and value addition of agricultural produces
Motivate for entrepreneurship, start-up through project planning and execution, research and training during field visits etc.
Generate a culture of life-long learning in an inclined environment to achieve personal and enhance their employability for jobs in different sectors

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