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Course Overview

School School of Yogic Science & Naturopathy
Eligibility To be eligible for the BSc in Yogic Science course at SGRR University, students must have a minimum aggregate of 45% in their 12th standard examinations.
Duration 3/ 4 years According NEP
Admission Process Explore the Admission Process to find detailed information on how to join our BSc in Yogic Science program.

You can access the BSc Yoga course syllabus for both the 2019 and 2023 batches in PDF format. Please click the following links to view the

Syllabus 2021-24 Syllabus 2019

Top BSc Yoga Degree program University in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Are you passionate about holistic health and well-being? If so, a BSc in Yogic Sciences might be the ideal choice for you. A Bachelor of Science in Yoga, often abbreviated as B.Sc in Yoga, is a comprehensive three-year undergraduate program that blends the ancient art of yoga with essential management skills. Yoga, which originated in ancient India, is a holistic practice encompassing physical, spiritual, and mental elements. The very term "Yoga" in Sanskrit signifies "to join," reflecting its power to unite body, mind, and soul. In recent years, the global popularity of Yoga has surged, and for good reason. As you consider your options, it's essential to choose the right institution. One of the Top BSc in Yogic science Program University in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, SGRR University offers this program that delves deep into the ancient art of yoga, offering a comprehensive understanding of both its physical and spiritual aspects. For aspiring yogis and wellness enthusiasts, embarking on this educational journey can be truly transformative.

Why Students Should Pursue BSc in Yogic Science Program: 

Pursuing a BSc in Yogic Sciences can be a life-changing decision. Here are ten compelling reasons why students should consider this path:

1) Yoga is a profound discipline that offers a unique blend of mental and physical stimulation. It not only serves as a powerful stress-buster but also enhances flexibility and posture, thus promoting overall well-being. The practice of Yoga is a transformative journey that encourages individuals to find harmony and balance within themselves.

2) Holistic Well-being: A BSc in Yogic Sciences isn't just an academic pursuit; it's a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. The bachelor in BSc Yoga degree Program equips you with tools to nourish not only your physical health but also your mental and spiritual vitality. 

3) Stress Management: In today's fast-paced world, stress is a pervasive concern. Yogic Sciences offers profound techniques for stress management, enabling you to lead a more balanced and peaceful life.

4) Career Opportunities: The demand for individuals with expertise in Yogic Sciences is on the rise. Graduates of this program are well-positioned for a wide array of career opportunities in the fields of wellness, healthcare, fitness, education, and even research.

5) Ancient Wisdom: Yogic Sciences provide you with a unique opportunity to explore the profound wisdom embedded in ancient yogic texts. You'll delve into the philosophy, psychology, and spirituality of yoga, enhancing your understanding of the timeless principles that guide human well-being.

6) Mental Clarity: Yoga practices, including meditation and mindfulness, are renowned for sharpening focus, enhancing concentration, and fostering mental clarity. These skills are invaluable in any professional endeavor.

7) Physical Fitness: The physical aspect of Yogic Sciences not only promotes flexibility but also increases strength and overall physical health. You'll learn postures (asanas) that are both invigorating and healing.

8) Spiritual Growth: Beyond the physical postures, Yogic Sciences open doors to spiritual exploration. The inward journey, guided by yoga, enables you to connect with your inner self and explore the spiritual dimensions of life.

9) Teaching Skills: With a BSc in Yogic Sciences, you have the option to become a certified yoga instructor. This role allows you to share the benefits of yoga with others, helping them lead healthier and more balanced lives.

10) Research Opportunities: The School of Yogic Science and Naturopathy explains that the field of Yogic Sciences is expanding, and there's a growing need for research in this domain. As a graduate, you can contribute to scientific exploration and advancement in the field.

11) Global Demand: Yoga has transcended cultural boundaries and is embraced worldwide. This program equips you with knowledge and skills that are in demand on a global scale, allowing you to share the benefits of yoga with people from diverse backgrounds.

Why choose SGRR University Dehradun For BSc in Yogic Science 

1) Regarding a B.Sc in Yoga, the curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education. This program encompasses a variety of learning experiences, including classroom lectures and practical sessions. 

2) Unlike many traditional academic programs, B.Sc. Yoga emphasizes practical training, enabling students to directly apply what they learn in real-life settings.

3) Being one of the top BSc Yoga Degree Colleges Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, SGRR University offers world-class BSc in Yogic Sciences courses in Dehradun, providing a rich learning experience that combines tradition with modern knowledge. 

4) Academic Excellence: SGRR University is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, making it one of the Top BSc Yoga Degree Colleges in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

5) Experienced Faculty: Our experienced and dedicated Faculty Members bring in-depth knowledge and practical expertise to the classroom. The campus provides an ideal environment for yogic studies.

6) Research Opportunities: SGRR University encourages research in Yogic Sciences, allowing students to contribute to this growing field.

7) Yoga Workshops: Regular workshops, seminars, and yoga camps offer hands-on experience and exposure to various yoga traditions.

8) Industry Connections: We have strong connections with the yoga industry, providing internship and placement opportunities.

9) Global Perspective: SGRR University embraces a global perspective, attracting students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.

10) Career Prospects: Graduates from our program are well-equipped for diverse career options in yoga and holistic health.

Choose SGRR University for your pursuing the graduation in Yoga Program  and embark on a transformative journey towards a rewarding career in yoga and well-being.


Job Opportunities after pursuing B.Sc. in Yogic science

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Yogic Sciences (BSc in Yogic Sciences) or Graduation in Yoga Program not only equips you with in-depth knowledge of this ancient practice but also opens up a wide array of exciting career prospects. 

1. Yoga Instructor: Perhaps the most well-known career path for BSc in Yogic Sciences graduates, becoming a yoga instructor allows you to guide individuals and groups in their yoga practice. You'll help them achieve physical and mental well-being through asanas, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Many yoga instructors operate independently or are employed by yoga studios, wellness centers, and fitness facilities.

2. Yoga Therapist: As a yoga therapist, you'll work with individuals who have specific health concerns or conditions. Your role is to develop and implement customized yoga therapy programs to improve their overall health. This may include managing chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and various medical conditions.

3. Corporate Yoga Trainer: Many corporations recognize the value of providing stress relief and wellness programs for their employees. As a corporate yoga trainer, you'll conduct yoga sessions in workplace settings, helping employees manage stress, boost productivity, and enhance overall well-being.

4. Holistic Health Consultant: A BSc in Yogic Sciences prepares you to offer holistic health consultations. You'll guide clients in making positive lifestyle changes related to nutrition, exercise, stress management, and mental well-being. This role often combines knowledge of Yogic Sciences with elements of other holistic health practices.

5. Researcher: For those passionate about advancing the field of Yogic Sciences, a career in research is a compelling option. You can contribute to the scientific exploration of the effects and benefits of yoga on physical and mental health, and even work on innovative solutions for various health issues.

6. Health and Wellness Coach: Health and wellness coaches help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. With a bachelor in BSc yoga degree Program, you can guide people in areas such as fitness, nutrition, and stress management, employing yoga techniques as part of a well-rounded approach to well-being.

7. Yoga Studio Owner: If you dream of running your yoga studio, this degree can provide the knowledge and expertise you need to make it a reality. As a studio owner, you'll create a space for yoga practitioners to come together and experience the benefits of this ancient practice.

8. Ayurveda Practitioner: Combine your knowledge of Yogic Sciences with Ayurvedic principles to become an Ayurveda practitioner. You'll offer holistic consultations and therapies, including personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations to promote health and balance.

9. Fitness Trainer: As a fitness trainer, you can incorporate yoga into fitness routines to provide a well-rounded approach to physical well-being. Your expertise in Yogic Sciences can enhance the effectiveness of fitness programs, making them more balanced and holistic.

10. Educator: The demand for qualified educators in Yogic Sciences is growing. You can become a teacher, sharing your knowledge of Yogic Sciences with aspiring students, whether in academic institutions or specialized yoga teacher training programs.

Download Fee Structure
  • Uniform Fee Extra
  • Fee structure subject to revision from time to time.
  • The Institute without any prejudice reserves the right to change or delete any information without any prior information.
Schedule of Depositing the Fee:
  • 1st Installment at the time of Admission.
  • 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th Installment (as applicable) - Last Date Payment: 15th January each academic year. 
  • 3rd, 5th and 7th Installment (as applicable) - Last Date Payment: 15th July each academic year.


1) What is the highest yoga certification to pursue at SGRR University? 

The highest yoga certification one can pursue is generally considered to be the "Ph.D. in Yogic Sciences" and the second highest would be "MSc in Yogic Sciences". These program represent the pinnacle of yoga education and practice. They typically a Ph.D. level and postgraduate-level program that delves deep into the philosophy, history, and advanced practices of yoga.

2) What makes BSc in Yogic Sciences unique at SGRR University?

An SGRR University offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines ancient yogic wisdom with modern scientific insights. Our experienced faculty, well-equipped facilities, and a strong emphasis on practical learning set us apart.

3) Can I opt for online learning for this program at this university?

 No, SGRR University provides an option only for regular classes. 

4) How can I apply for the BSc in the Yogic Sciences program at SGRR University?

You can apply online through our Online Registration Page or the Admission Office for guidance on the Application Process.

5) Are there opportunities for students to participate in yoga events and workshops here?

Yes, we regularly organize yoga events, workshops, and seminars, providing students with opportunities to learn from experts and gain practical experience.

6) What is the best way to put my  Query at this university?

You can go through the Online Admission Query Form to put all your queries or contact our admissions office for detailed information on the application process.

7) What are the other courses to explore in the School of Yogic Sciences and Naturopathy?

In the School of Yogic Sciences and Naturopathy at SGRR University, there are several other courses to explore in addition to a BSc in Yogic Sciences. These courses are designed to provide a well-rounded education in the field of holistic health and wellness






Out Comes of the Program

Disciplinary Knowledge: Capable of demonstrating comprehensive knowledge and understanding of one or more disciplines that form a part of graduate programmes of study.
Communication Skills*: Ability to express thoughts and ideas effectively in writing and orally, demonstrate the ability to listen carefully.
Critical thinking: Analytic thought towards body of knowledge of yogic science evaluate evidence, beliefs on the basis of on empirical grounds.
Problem Solving: Capacity to extrapolate from what one has learned and apply there competency to solve different kinds of known familiar problems rather than replicate curriculum content knowledge and apply once learning to real life situations.
Research-related skills: Ability to recognize cause-and-effect relationships, define problems related to yoga and its areas formulate hypotheses, analyses, interpret and draw conclusions
Cooperation/Team work: Facilitate yogic technique in a cooperative effort and act together as a team in the interests of a common cause and work efficiently as a member.
Self-directed learning: Ability to work independently, identifies appropriate resources required for a project, and manages a project through to completion.
Moral and ethical awareness/reasoning: Capable of demonstrating the ability to identify ethical issues related to practice of Yoga avoid unethical behaviour such as fabrication, falsification or misrepresentation.
Self-directed learning: Learn to work independently, identify appropriate resources required for a yoga and manage a project.
Lifelong learning: self-paced and self-directed learning of yogic science aimed at personal development which helps to fulfil economic, social and cultural objectives
Eco system: Understand environmental needs, Pollution and its impact on health.
Leadership readiness/qualities: Formulating an inspiring vision, building a team who can help achieve the vision, using yogic asanas to guide people to the right direction.

Program Specific Outcome (PSO)

Students of the UG course will have an understanding about origin, history and development of Yoga.
Understand pre-requisites, principles about Hatha Yoga.
Know about the structure of the body, Sukshma and Sthula vyayma.
Make the students recite the Vedic hymns skill fully.

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