Vision and mission



To institutionalise and internalise all quality-enhancing and sustaining actions undertaken with support from both internal and external sources in order to establish quality culture as the primary focus of higher education institutions.


  • To create a system for encouraging deliberate, consistent, and catalytic action plans to raise the institution's performance in both academics and management.
  • To encourage the internalisation of quality culture and the institutionalisation of best practises, which will increase and sustain institutional quality.


  • IQAC developed mechanisms and procedures to ensure
  • The timely, efficient, and progressive completion of academic, administrative, and financial tasks.
  • To develop a quality culture in the university in accordance with the norms and guidelines established by national and international educational organisations.
  • Serving as a node agency for quality-related activities such as the adoption and dissemination of best practises
  • Dissemination of information on various quality parameters, as well as sensitization of stakeholders, to ensure timely, efficient, and progressive performance in academic and research.
  • To create quality benchmarks and systems for various academic and administrative activities that are in line with institutional and national mandates and priorities.
  • To promote self-evaluation, accountability, and creativity in teaching, learning, and research.
  • Evaluation of current academic and administrative practices, as well as the planning of internal and external audits to identify areas for quality improvement in teaching, learning, research, and overall institutional excellence.
  • Organization of inter- and intra-institutional workshops, training, and seminars to raise quality awareness and capacity.
  • To ensure that stakeholders provide transparent, actionable feedback on institutional processes and infrastructure.