Shri Guru Ram Rai Vision

Vision & Mission


" To establish Shri Guru Ram Rai University to be a Center of Excellence in higher education, innovation and social transformation by nurturing inquisitive and creative minds and by enabling the stakeholders to become committed professionals and educators of national and global relevance."



  • To provide a comprehensive and sustainable educational experience that fosters the spirit of enquiry, scientific thinking and professional competence along with ethical and spiritual values.
  • To deliver a classic, well rounded learning experience that is distinctive and impactful on the young generation preparing them for a successful career
  • To engage, inspire and challenge the stakeholders to become leaders with ethics and positive contributors to their chosen field and humane citizens
  • To attract, train and retrain qualified staff to work efficiently to bring forth the maximum resource potential
  • To develop committed and responsible professionals who work for the welfare of the society by providing innovative and efficient solutions and creating long term relationship with the stakeholders
  • To create a sustainable career, by collaborating with stakeholders and participating in community partnership for life and livelihood in the local society in a responsive and dynamic way
  • To make our students globally competent by introducing specialized training leading to professional capabilities and developing diverse skills in them for competitive advantage.
  • To establish quality standards for generations by epitomising professionalism and integrity while raising the achievements of students.
  • To ceaselessly pursue excellence by strengthening a learning environment that makes the institution the most preferred destination in the country.