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Course Overview

School School of Yogic Science & Naturopathy
Eligibility Bachelor of Science in Yoga from any UGC recognized university with 45% aggregate.
Duration 2 Years
Admission Process Discover the Admission Process , where you'll find in-depth guidance on the steps to enroll in our MSc in Yogic Sciences program.

MSc in Yogic Science Program Syllabus:

You can access the MSc Yoga program syllabus for both the 2019, 2021 and 2023 batches in PDF format. Please click the following links to view the syllabus according to your batch:

Syllabus 2023 Syllabus 2021 Syllabus 2019

Best Masters (MSc) in Yoga program University in Dehradun Uttarakhand India

Embarking on an MSc in Yogic Sciences is not merely an educational journey; it's a profound odyssey into the depths of yogic mastery. This program is not your conventional master's degree; it's a voyage into the heart of yoga, where the ancient wisdom of the sages converges with modern science. This program empowers students with the expertise in yoga therapy, enabling them to assist individuals grappling with psychosomatic disorders and contribute to the betterment of society at large.If you're on a quest to explore the profound realms of yogic wisdom and delve into the intricate science of yoga, look no further than SGRR University, the best Masters  (MSc) in Yoga program University  in Dehradun Uttarakhand India. Our MSc in Yogic Sciences program is a journey of discovery, offering a unique opportunity to become a true master of yoga and its holistic principles.

Why Students Should Pursue MSc in Yogic Science Program: 

Beyond the evident physical and spiritual advantages conferred by yoga, there exists a realm of compelling benefits associated with the pursuit of a master's degree / Yoga program after graduation in Dehradun in this ancient practice.

  • Elevated Practice Proficiency: A master's program in yoga propels you toward an exceptional level of practice proficiency. It serves as a transformative journey where you comprehensively grasp the intricacies of yoga. From philosophy to the physical intricacies and breathwork, you acquire an unparalleled understanding of yoga's core components, including asana, pranayama, and more.

  • Philosophical Wisdom: To truly embody the essence of a yoga guru, a profound study of the practice's philosophy is imperative. This educational journey offers a voyage into the philosophy's origins, unveiling its deep-rooted significance. Exploring the philosophical foundations grants you an enduring sense of internal serenity and poise, even when faced with life's most demanding moments.

  • A Fulfilling Challenge: The path to a master's degree in yoga invites you to challenge yourself in a holistic sense. Physically, you embrace the practice wholeheartedly, engaging with postures and techniques that may have once appeared daunting. Furthermore, you cultivate business acumen, setting the stage for a rewarding professional journey. Upon graduation, you earn the esteemed title of a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, affording you the autonomy to establish your studio, run your yoga enterprise, and positively transform lives.

  • Personal and Spiritual Growth: The master's degree journey doesn't simply elevate your academic and physical dimensions; it also nurtures your spiritual growth. It is an odyssey of mental and spiritual fortification, fostering resilience, and profound self-discovery. As a master of yoga, you transcend the confines of academia to become a spiritual guide, an embodiment of inner strength, and a beacon of wisdom.

  • Enhanced Teaching Competence: A master's program equips you with advanced teaching skills. You'll not only deepen your own practice but also become proficient in guiding others through their yoga journeys. This prepares you to be an influential and effective yoga instructor.

  • Scientific Understanding: The program offers a comprehensive understanding of the scientific underpinnings of yoga. You'll delve into the physiological and psychological benefits of yoga, gaining insight into how it positively impacts physical and mental health. You can go through the online Registration Page for joining the program from our college,

  • Cultural Appreciation: By studying the origins and cultural context of yoga, you develop a profound appreciation for its rich heritage. This cultural insight enhances your ability to impart the authentic essence of yoga to your students.

  • Mental Clarity and Resilience: Through rigorous academic and physical challenges, you develop mental clarity and resilience. This mental fortitude extends beyond the yoga mat, enriching your personal and professional life.

Yoga Career Opportunities After MSc In Yogic Sciences: 

Attaining the best  yoga master degree in Dehradun, Uttarakhand  or masters of Science in Yogic Sciences (MSc in Yogic Sciences) goes beyond the acquisition of deep-rooted wisdom in this time-honored discipline. 

  • Yoga for Special Populations Instructor: Specialize in teaching yoga to specific groups, such as seniors, children, pregnant women, or individuals with disabilities.

  • Yoga and Ayurveda Practitioner: Combine the principles of yoga with Ayurvedic practices, offering holistic health solutions that address an individual's unique constitution.

  • Yoga for Mental Health Counselor: Focus on using yoga techniques to support individuals dealing with mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, or trauma.

  • Yoga and Nutrition Consultant: Offer comprehensive wellness guidance by integrating yoga with nutrition expertise, creating personalized dietary plans for your clients. You can explore the School of Yogic Sciences and Naturopathy at our university as well. 

  • Yoga Blogger or Vlogger: Share your yoga journey and expertise through blogging or vlogging, building a dedicated online community and potentially monetizing your platform.

  • Yoga Product Developer: Tap into the growing market of yoga accessories and wellness products by creating and selling yoga mats, clothing, props, or wellness apps.

  • Yoga Philosophy Instructor: Specialize in teaching the philosophical aspects of yoga, helping students delve deep into the spiritual and cultural dimensions of the practice.

  • Yoga in Schools Advocate: Promote yoga in educational institutions by advocating for yoga programs in schools to enhance students' physical and mental well-being.

  • Yoga Photographer or Artist: Use your creative talents to capture the beauty of yoga through photography or create yoga-inspired art for sale.

  • Yoga and Lifestyle Coach: Offer holistic coaching services, guiding individuals to incorporate yoga practices into their daily lives to achieve overall well-being and balance.

These career paths showcase the versatility of an MSc in Yogic Sciences, allowing you to align your passion for yoga with a wide range of professions and make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Why choose SGRR University Dehradun For MSc in Yogic Science 

SGRR University encompasses a realm of distinctive attributes that make it a prime choice for those seeking an institution to pursue a yoga program after graduation that is MSc Yoga in Dehradun. These qualities are ingrained in the very essence of the university, defining it as a holistic hub for comprehensive yoga education:

  • Eminent Faculty: At SGRR University, we pride ourselves on our distinguished yoga faculty, each possessing a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for yoga. Their expertise extends far beyond the ordinary, allowing students to bask in the wisdom of true yoga masters.

  • Accredited Excellence: We hold prestigious accreditations from esteemed educational and yoga organizations, validating the quality and recognition of our programs. This assures students of a top-tier education and internationally respected qualifications.

  • Multi-Faceted Curriculum: Our yoga programs transcend the conventional, encompassing a wide spectrum of yoga facets. From philosophy to advanced asanas, meditation, and therapeutic applications, we offer a comprehensive learning journey.

  • Research Opportunities: As a center of academic excellence, SGRR University encourages students to embark on pioneering yoga research, enriching the global body of knowledge in this field.

  • Innovative Pedagogy: We employ avant-garde teaching methods and a variety of instructional approaches, ensuring that every student's learning needs are met comprehensively.

  • Holistic Emphasis: Our yoga programs transcend the physical and delve deep into the spiritual and mental realms. We emphasize the holistic essence of yoga, nurturing well-rounded individuals.

  • Pathways to Further Learning: Beyond the classroom, our commitment to students extends to providing opportunities for further education, workshops, and advanced programs.

  • Real-World Application: Practical training and internships are an integral part of our curriculum, enabling students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

  • Cultural and Philosophical Understanding: SGRR University places a strong emphasis on the cultural and philosophical aspects of yoga, instilling a profound understanding of its roots and its spiritual significance.

  • Student Support Ecosystem: We offer a comprehensive range of student support services, from counseling and career guidance to mentorship, ensuring that each student's journey is met with unwavering support.

  • Community Building and Networking: Within our close-knit community, students forge enduring connections and have opportunities to network with fellow yoga enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Flexible Learning Paths: Recognizing diverse needs, we provide flexibility through full-time, part-time, and even distance learning options, ensuring that education is accessible to all.

  • Ethical Integrity: Our commitment to ethical practices and the preservation of yoga's rich cultural and spiritual traditions is unwavering.

  • Career Launchpad: We are not just an institution; we are a launchpad for successful careers in yoga. We provide career support, job placement assistance, and mentorship for those embarking on their professional journeys in this ancient practice.

SGRR University, best Masters (MSc) in yoga program college in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India embodies these distinctive qualities, ensuring that students are not just educated but are holistically nurtured, guided, and inspired as they journey through the profound world of yoga.

Download Fee Structure
  • Uniform Fee Extra
  • Fee structure subject to revision from time to time.
  • The Institute without any prejudice reserves the right to change or delete any information without any prior information.
Schedule of Depositing the Fee:
  • 1st Installment at the time of Admission.
  • 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th Installment (as applicable) - Last Date Payment: 15th January each academic year. 
  • 3rd, 5th and 7th Installment (as applicable) - Last Date Payment: 15th July each academic year.


1) What are the programs one can pursue after completing the MSc in Yoga from SGRR University?

You can further your academic journey by enrolling in a Ph.D. in Yogic Sciences, delving even deeper into the realm of yoga studies.

2) Does SGRR University offer part time education/ Distance education options to students?

SGRR University exclusively offers traditional, full-time programs. Our commitment to fostering practical knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of yoga necessitates the engagement of students in regular, in-person classes. We believe that hands-on experience is integral to the essence of yoga education. Therefore, distance education or part-time program options are not available at our institution.

3) How does the MSc in Yoga program at SGRR University incorporate modern scientific research into traditional yoga practices?

The program integrates the latest research and evidence-based approaches, ensuring a contemporary understanding of the science behind yoga. This makes the SGRR University, the best  yoga master degree in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

4) What is the best way to put my  Query at this university?

You can go through the Online Admission Query Form to put all your queries or contact our admissions office for detailed information on the application process.

5) What avenues does the university provide for publishing research findings or contributing to the yoga community through publications?

The university encourages students to publish their research and contribute to the academic and yoga community through journals, articles, and books.

6) What are the other programs to explore in the School of Yogic Sciences and Naturopathy?

The School of Yogic Sciences and Naturopathy at SGRR University offers a diverse array of programs, each meticulously crafted to impart a comprehensive understanding of holistic health and well-being. In addition to the MSc in Yogic Sciences, students can explore the following programs:

These programs, like the MSc in Yogic Sciences, are a testament to SGRR University's commitment to nurturing well-rounded practitioners and scholars in the realm of holistic well-being.


Out Comes of the Program

Develop students with an in-depth understanding of the operational aspects of Yoga.
Demonstrate effective application capabilities of their conceptual understanding to the real situation of Yoga with validated conclusion.
Analysis and critically solve problems of human body with daily practice with attention.
Applied research based knowledge and interpretation of data with the help of different Yogic practices.
Select and create modern appropriate techniques in the application of Yoga.
Give contextual knowledge to assess societal, health safety and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities as Yoga teacher.
Evaluate Ethical issues and situation to make decisions with the help of various Yogic practices.
Apply principles and bind to professional ethics with daily practice of Ashtang Yoga.
Recognize the necessity for autonomous lifelong learning in the broadest possible context of technological change, and possess the necessary readiness and capacity to do so.
Students will be aware and updated with the research advances and developments in the field of Yoga
Ability to effectively use Yoga as a therapeutic modality through the integration of diverse approaches to this field.
The students will be able to apply knowledge and skills of yoga for lifelong learning.

Program Specific Outcome (PSO)

Following the completion of this course, students shall be able to Give an introduction of yoga and its important streams.
To give an understanding of the prerequisites of Hath Yoga.
Understand normal gross structure of human body and their functions in detail.
Understand the benefits and limitation of micro exercise.

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