Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology ( MPT Neuro) course college Dehradun

Course Overview

School School of Paramedical & Allied Health Sciences
Eligibility BPT with aggregate 50% marks
Duration 2 Years
Admission Process On the basis of Entrance Exam /Merit

Syllabus 2021-22   Syllabus 2017-18

Neurological physiotherapy involves the treatment of movement disorders and physical symptoms that arise due to a brain or nerve problem. Physiotherapists who specialize in this domain use various techniques aimed at teaching movement patterns to regenerate nerves, balance muscle tone, and improve muscle strength.

Upon completion of a Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology program, graduates may pursue careers as neurologic physical therapists in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, and research facilities.

  • Corporate hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centres, polyclinics
  • Training institutions in India and abroad
  • Private practice
  • Research

Program Outcome (POs)

Knowledge: Better understanding of the structures & physiological studies of mechanical, physical & biochemical functions of human body along with their functions of major body systems and its pathology.
The programme support to understand about the basic concepts of exercise physiology and nutrition, energy, work and power.
Development of knowledge regarding responses to exercise in various systems of the body like respiratory, cardiovascular, acid base balance ,hormonal systems.
Practical application: to describe the concept of posture and function of joints and muscles. Prescribed to correct impairments, restore muscular and skeletal functions, improvement in gait and balance , prevention and promotion of health, wellness & fitness
Skills: Facilitate muscle relaxation, prevention of atrophy, muscle rehabilitation and re-education by electrical muscle stimulations
Design : Evaluate skilled movement patterns which can be employed for many different purposes including pain reduction & functional improvement using various force systems and different types of exercise trainings.
Basics: reacquire the knowledge of mobilization, strengthening, conditioning and fitness enhancement for neuromuscular control. Gained knowledge through pharmacological studies which provides significant positive impact on human health.
Clinical enhancement: Understand the mechanism of injuries and learn how to implant exercise prescription. Focused on assessing and treating patient with neurological disorders. Understand patient’s conditions related to shoulder,elbow,hand injuries etc.
Recognize various pathomechanics of different complexes of joints and its management and prevention.
Skill Practise: Treatment and rehabilitate of musculoskeletal systems that has been subject to injury and trauma, Gain maximum potential,independence and optimize the quality of life in patient with neurological conditions by introducing importance of gait and its analysis.
Develop awareness of bioengineering concepts in rehabilitation.Introducing various concepts of manual therapy techniques and advanced electrotherapy in treating patients.
Skill enhancing through research methodology,biosatatics,educational technology and computers.

Program Specific Outcome (PSO)

Analyze, Interprete and Evaluate various levels of spinal cord injuries & peripheral nerve injuries,the treatment approach according to the management(medical/surgical) and to apply appropriate techniques.
Patient assessment and treatment planning including integration and interpretation of patient problems and effective goal setting for neurological patients.
Evaluate primitive reflexes, analyse developmental milestones and apply various neo-natal therapeutic approaches and neurodevelopmental techniques
Enhance student’s research ability through dissertation that will help in the course of degree pursuance.

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