About IIC


Innovation & Incubation Centre (IIC)is a platform to focus nurturing and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of start-up enthusiasts in a healthy bionetwork to promote their ideas, start-ups and researches into successful empire-building endeavors. This centre will providea space for young and creative minds to transform their groundbreaking ideas into a viable business proposition.


IIC is a space for new age entrepreneurs to transform their innovative ideas into viable business ventures. The primary vision of IIC is to facilitate a platform for a budding entrepreneur to start a new venture with minimum risks. Incubation will ensure the access to technological assistance, which will be generated through mentors with multidisciplinary expertise. IIC encourages young enthusiast minds with creative pursuits with an inherent zeal of an entrepreneurs to take advantage of the novel initiative.


The goal of the IIC is not to let the innovative ideas waste. This centre will act as an ecosystem to provide hands-on experience in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Students will be nurtured by utilizing this platform to start their dream projects during their journey in SGRRU.


To foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the University by engaging students, faculty and industry to convert their innovative ideas into commercially viable products (patenting and commercialization).


  • To mould and shape the young minds to avail the Innovative and Entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • To promote innovation and start-ups within the campus. 
  • To file and commercialize the high-quality patents.


This centre will provide new age entrepreneurs to transform their innovative ideas into viable business ventures to meet new era’s needs. IIC will emphasize on the training and developments of the students and faculty members of various fields to cultivate their novel ideas; and as a step towards “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.