SGRR Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Shri Guru Ram Rai University gives a lot impetus to holistic development of the students and provides them a lot of opportunities for the same. Various cultural and sports activities are planned throughout the academic year. A calendar of all such events and activities is planned well in advance before the academic session is about to begin. As per the schedule of these activities, students are informed beforehand through various channels of information so that maximum students can participate in every activity.

Different sporting events are organised round the year to provide an opportunity to each student to showcase their talent and particularly a week long Sports Week is also organised where a plethora of sporting events are conducted at multiple locations across the vast campus of the University. Students participate very enthusiastically in these activities and we are proud that several of our students represent Uttarakhand in different sports.

Cultural activities like dance, music, debate, quiz etc. add colour and glamour to the campus and provide wonderful opportunities to students with different skill sets. Many such activities are organised by the Student Clubs at various occasions but particularly during the Orientation Program, Founder’s Week celebrated in the University every year. Students get to compete in a variety of solo and group competitions of different cultural activities. These things keep the students as well as the campus vibrant through the year.