B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering
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Course Overview

School School of Engineering & Technology
Eligibility Passed 10+2 examination with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the subjects- Chemistry / Biotechnology / Biology
Obtained at least 45% marks (40% in case of candidate belonging to reserved category) in the above subjects taken together.
Duration 4 Years
Admission Process On the basis of Entrance Exam /Merit
Specialization Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering program with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is designed to equip students with a deep understanding of computer science principles along with specialized knowledge in AI and ML technologies. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical skills to prepare students for careers in cutting-edge fields such as data science, machine learning engineering, AI research, and more.

With a B.Tech CSE (AI & ML) degree, graduates have diverse career paths to explore. Here are some top job opportunities :

  • Machine Learning Engineer: Designing, implementing, and optimizing machine learning models and algorithms. Developing solutions for data-driven decision-making and predictive analytics.
  • Data Scientist: Analyzing large datasets to extract meaningful insights and trends.Building predictive models and data-driven solutions to solve business problems.
  • AI Researcher: Conducting research in artificial intelligence to advance the field. Developing new algorithms, methodologies, and techniques to improve AI systems.
  • Natural Language Processing Engineer: Building systems capable of understanding and generating human language. Developing chatbots, virtual assistants, and language translation tools. 
  • Computer Vision Engineer: Developing algorithms and systems for analyzing and interpreting visual data. Building applications such as image recognition, object detection, and video understanding.
  • AI Consultant: Providing expertise and guidance to businesses on integrating AI technologies. Advising on AI strategy, implementation, and best practices.
  • Software Developer specializing in AI/ML: Developing software applications and systems with integrated AI and ML capabilities. Implementing AI algorithms into existing software solutions.
  • Data Analyst: Collecting, processing, and analyzing data to derive actionable insights. Visualizing data and communicating findings to stakeholders.
  • Robotics Engineer: Designing and developing robotic systems and autonomous agents. Implementing AI and ML techniques for robot perception, navigation, and manipulation.
  • Autonomous Systems Engineer: Building autonomous vehicles, drones, and other robotic systems. Developing algorithms for navigation, obstacle avoidance, and decision-making.
These career paths offer diverse opportunities in industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, automotive, manufacturing, and more. Graduates may find employment in various sectors including software development companies, research institutions, government agencies, consulting firms, and startups specializing in AI and ML technologies. Additionally, there are opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation in developing AI-powered products and services.
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Q1. What is the difference between Computer Science & Engineering and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning specialization?

Ans. Computer Science & Engineering covers a broad range of topics including algorithms, software development, and computer architecture, while the specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning focuses specifically on advanced techniques for building intelligent systems that can learn from data.

Q2. What prerequisites are required for this program?

Ans. While there are no specific prerequisites, a strong foundation in mathematics, programming, and computer science fundamentals is beneficial. Students should have a passion for technology and a desire to explore the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Q3. What kind of hands-on experience can I expect in this program?

Ans. The program includes laboratory sessions, projects, and internships where students will gain practical experience in implementing AI and ML algorithms, working with real-world datasets, and solving complex problems using cutting-edge technologies.

Q4. How will this program prepare me for a career in AI and ML?

Ans. The curriculum is designed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure that students develop the necessary skills and knowledge required for careers in AI and ML. Courses cover theoretical concepts, practical applications, and emerging trends in the field.

Q5. What are the research opportunities available in this program?

Ans. Students have the opportunity to engage in research projects, seminars, and workshops conducted by faculty members who are actively involved in AI and ML research. Additionally, students can collaborate with industry partners on research initiatives.

Q6. Can I specialize in specific areas of AI and ML?

Ans. Yes, the program offers elective courses and specialization tracks in areas such as deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and more. Students can tailor their coursework to align with their interests and career goals.

Q7. Are there opportunities for industry exposure and internships?

Ans. Yes, students are encouraged to participate in internships with industry partners to gain hands-on experience and practical skills. The program also organizes guest lectures, industry visits, and networking events to facilitate industry connections.

Q8. What support services are available for students in this program?

Ans. The program provides academic advising, career counseling, and mentorship to help students succeed academically and professionally. Additionally, students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, resources, and research opportunities within the department and university.


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