About IQAC
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About IQAC


The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bengaluru proposes that every accredited institution should establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a quality sustenance measure in accordance with its action plan for performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality upgradation of institutions of higher education. The IQAC will play a crucial role in the institution's quality assurance system and endeavour to ensure quality enhancement and sustenance because quality enhancement is a continual activity. The IQAC's main responsibility is to create a mechanism for consciously, consistently, and catalytically improving the overall effectiveness of its institution. For this reason, institutions must focus their efforts throughout the post-accreditation phase on fostering comprehensive academic excellence, including the adoption of the peer team's recommendations.

The IQAC's Main Objective Is

  • To create a system for encouraging deliberate, consistent, and catalytic action plans to raise the institution's performance in both academics and management.
  • To encourage the internalisation of quality culture and the institutionalisation of best practises, which will increase and sustain institutional quality.


Stabilizing and Implementing Quality Standards.

  • Fixing specification for institutions numerous academic and Administrative tasks.
  • Developing learners centered environment that supports high quality education and the development of faculty to embrace the necessary knowledge and technology for interactive teaching and learning processes.
  • Gathering and evaluating feedback on institutional processes related to quality from all stakeholders.
  • Providing access to all stakeholders on numerous quality metrics.
  • Planning workshops and seminars on quality-related topics for within- and across-institutional boundaries and fostering quality circles.
  • Documentation of numerous programmes and actions that enhance quality.
  • Serving as a focal point for the institution's quality-related initiatives, such as the adoption and promotion of best practises.
  • Creation and upkeep of an institutional database through MIS with the aim of preserving and developing institutional quality.
  • Conducting regular academic and administrative audits and monitoring their results.
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) preparation and submission in accordance with NAAC rules and parameters.


IQAC Facilitate/Contribute to The Following:

  • Ensure increased clarity and focus in institutional operations in order to improve quality.
  • Ensure that the quality culture is internalised.
  • Ensure that the institution's various activities are improved and coordinated, and that all good practises are institutionalised.
  • To improve institutional functioning, provide a solid foundation for decision-making.
  • Act as a dynamic system for HEI quality changes.
  • Create an organised documentation and internal communication methodology.
  • Research collaboration and networking with other Indian and international institution

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