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Visit of Agricultural Faculties to Shahstra Dhara Instructional Dairy Farm of SGRRU

One day visit of Agriculture faculties with research scholar students was conducted on 23-09-2020 to get acquainted with the constraints/ problem associated with agriculture production and planning for an integrative and long term strategies for agriculture development and  constraints associated with site for agriculture development and future prospects  like Lack of wall/ fencing for security purpose. Fencing around the area is needed so as to minimize the risk/ harm caused by out siders/ animals etc; Fragmentation of the land/ site area (blocks) is needed to be marked for selection of appropriate crops/ allied services; Continuous supply of green fodder/ hay/ silages/ roughages for livestock/ cattle feeding. Mixed cultivation of fodder maize, Berseem and was done a days before the visit. In the upcoming Rabi season, cultivation of appropriate fodder crops for animal consumption may be done by using suitable agronomic practices; Shade loving crops are needed to be grown in the area marked after fragmentation and proper layout of the field; Site area is needed to be weed free/ unwanted trees and other obstacle. For this, cleaning up of the field with the help of labor and mechanical weed management devices may be incorporated; For fencing, there may be planting of any of the bio fencing crops around the area as per convenience or iron weirs; After proper cleaning up of the field, area may also be marked for moisture conservation devices/ water conservation


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  • Humidity: 38%
  • Wind Speed: 0(m/s)
  • Wind Direction: 303degree
  • Rain: 0mm/s
  • Soil Temp: 55(C) °