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SGRRU, SGRRIM&HS College Of Nursing Report On World Cancer Day 2024

The annual observation of World Cancer Day, which took place on 4 February 2024, is a global initiative to raise awareness and encourage in the treatment of illness. Every year, millions of people die from cancer, which is the leading cause of death globally. One of the most crucial elements of fighting against cancer that can help save lives knows everything about the disease, how to prevent it, and how to diagnose it. As a result, the entire globe observes World Cancer Day as a means to attain this. The theme of 2024 is "Close the Care Gap”.

DAY-1 ( 03 Feb. 24 )

On World Cancer Day, SGRR Nursing College hosted events to raise awareness begins with the riveting Nukkad Natak, (role play) at Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital performed by nursing students. Additionally, they displayed educational posters and models encouraging patients and their families to take up the fight against cancer.

The Head of the Oncology Department and a cancer specialist, 

Dr. Pankaj Garg stressed the importance of February 4th as World Cancer Day, a worldwide call to action designed to raise awareness and encourage preventative actions against the illness. Dr. Pankaj Garg underlined that early diagnosis techniques and preventive strategies are crucial in halting the unrelenting development of cancer. "Cancer is not merely a diagnosis; it's a battle that demands unity, awareness, and action," the doctor said.

The students of SGRR Nursing College are bringing about a new chapter in the battle against cancer by inspiring hope and resilience in communities all over the world with their unwavering will and shared commitment to public health. Their efforts provide direction, showing the way toward a time when cancer is not feared but rather defeated by teamwork and unflinching support. 

MS, Dr. Ajay Pandita, and Dr. Prerak Mittal, Dr. Gaurav Raturi, and Principal Nursing College, Dr. G. Ramalakshmi were  graced the occasion. Dr. Deepti Choudhary, Dr.Rahul Kumar, Dr.Rachit Ahuja, Dr.Ajeet Tiwari ,Dr.Nishit were involved  to motivate the students,

Prof. Rosaline.A,Prof. Sheeba philip , Mrs. Julia Massey , Mr. Ankit, Medical Surgical Nursing  department of SGRRUCON, Dehradun, Uttarakhand and Ms. Amrita(Oncology ICU incharge) Additionally, M.SC second-year nursing students organised the  whole event  in the campaign to raise awareness of cancer and encourage early diagnosis. The nursing students were involved in poster presentations and Model presentation also explained to the public. A total of 200 members visited and participated in the program and they identified the program as effective and motivating. 

DAY-2  ( 04 Feb. 24 )

Observing World Cancer Day to Honor Heroes 

On February 4th, Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital resisted the disease of cancer! With a stirring role play and educational posters, our Nursing College students took the stage to raise awareness to the community. Appreciated to nursing faculties and staffs, who were honored for their exceptional contributions to the fight against cancer! 

I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers, staff, and principal of SGRR Nursing College for their everlasting dedication! Prof. G Ramalakshmi. We appreciate Vice-Principal Prof. Puneet Ohri's and the management of Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital for their assistance. 

The Chief Guest Dr. Pankaj Garg and dignitaries distributed the prizes to the winners for the poster competition. 1st price held by Miss Shivani bhagat and Divya  [B.sc nursing 3rd semester.], 2ND price held by Pallavi and Akansha [B.sc nrsing 4th yr.], 3rd price held by Poornima and Manu [B.sc nursing 1styr]. For the Model competition. 1st price held by Ugen choesteo group [GNM 1st year.], 2ND price held by Shivani and group[B.sc nrsing 3rd semester.], 3rd price held by Nandini and group [B.sc nursing 1yr. 

The programme was coordinated by Prof. Rosaline.A,Prof. Sheeba philip , Mrs. Julia Massey , Mr. Ankit,


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