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Celebration of National Soil Day at SGRRU, Pathribagh

Department of Soil Science of the School of Agricultural Sciences organized and celebrated National Soil day on 5th December during 2020 at SGRR field Pathribagh campus to make people aware about importance of soil, soil fertility, soil ecology and soil health. It was briefly explained among the farmers that the Soil is the great connector of our lives, the source, and destination to all, health of which is not only about the chemical components in it but also the lives in it. So to understand the soil health the lab report is not enough. The structure, texture, and components of the soil ecosystem are much more important. The importance of 3Ms (Matter, Moisture, and Microbes) cannot be forgotten while managing soil health. Keeping all these in mind they were informed to get sustainable results after using soil health cards and adopting organic management practices. A total number of 15 participants took part in the training. Various topics viz. need of organic farming, natural farming and sustainable agriculture for maintaining soil fertility & soil productivity were discussed among farmers, students, faculties and stakeholders. Soil testing kits, soil health cards, vermicompost and different species of the earthworms were distributed among small farmers.