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Industrial Attachment of B. Sc. Students of SGRRU, Pathribagh to Solanki Honey Bee Farm, Dehradun

 Students of 5th semester of B.Sc. Ag. had attached with Solanki honey bee farm Dehradun for 21 days which was one of the mendatory component of  AIA courses offered for the fullfiment of the degree of bsc ag..More than 15 students has gone through various practical trainings for production, value addition processing of honey and it's products..The main purpose of the training program was to get all the students aquinted with the oppurtunites available for starting up an enterpreneurship based on apiculture.

Before starting Honey bee-keeping training, the students/ entrepreneurs/ farmers are generally advised to undergo training. They can contact local Horticulture Department staffs/ Horticulture College/ Agriculture University etc. for the purpose. During training program special thrust on scientific production technology & marketing was given. For the farmers of nearby locality, visits were arranged on Honey bee-keeping & education on scientific lines regarding various aspects of Honey bee-keeping. It has helped them to improve their knowledge and skill regarding scientific practices so as to enable them to adopt the same. Major outcome of the above said training was improving Capability among Honey bee-keeping growers and processors to produce quality product and strengthen linkages between State Departments, Horticulture Development agencies, NGO’s and farmers; to avail loan from bank for Honey bee-keeping project and assistance to prepare their bankable project report.


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  • Humidity: 38%
  • Wind Speed: 0(m/s)
  • Wind Direction: 303degree
  • Rain: 0mm/s
  • Soil Temp: 55(C) °