dean (Prof.) DR. POOJA JAIN Dean

SGRR University in Dehradun (UK), India offers a friendly and nurturing academic environment that is calibrated with the imbibement of values and views based on experiences shared by both faculty and students. Our earnest endeavour is to enhance analytical and cultural skills, thereby harnessing the applicability and employability of young minds and professionals, with a holistic approach to assimilate growth and development for resource manufacture and management.

As the Dean of the SMCS, I am proud to affirm that the success of our program is owed in large part to the dedication of each faculty member. Our distinguished faculty produce quality education and engage well with all the students.

Our faculty members can be seen as dedicated Ph.D. guides, mentors, and supervisors. We have industry experts who share their valuable insights from time to time as visiting faculties.

SMCS offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. Our academic curriculum is of dynamic nature which is reviewed from time to time to develop unique quality standards for academic excellence and pedagogical innovations.

This enhances the quality of education and the prospect of getting individual attention. We allow our students to follow their passion and nurture them toward excellence.

Welcome to a journey through SMCS!!