Home Science may be defined as the study required to develop home or family life within a changing society by taking the help of scientific knowledge and methods. The subjects involved in making Home Science a wonderful learning tool for better living are Extension Education and Rural Development, Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Family Resource Management and Interior Decoration, Human Development.

Objectives of Home Science Department:

1. To innovate and deliver a curriculum that is globally valuable, locally relevant, and responsive to changing times and needs.

2. To inculcate positive self-concept among women.

3. To develop awareness about women’s issues & rights with a rational outlook towards society. 4. To enhance purposeful education with 'human values' and social responsibility by participating in outreach programmes. 5. To achieve excellence in the academic disciplines, research and extension activities through emphasis on 'quality in every activity'.

Vision of Home Science Department:

1. To provide learning opportunities to empower students with knowledge, skill and attitude, to face personal and professional challenges with confidence.

2. To sensitize students to the needs of others, especially of those less advantaged, and foster a service orientation.

3. To work dedicatedly towards women’s empowerment through socially relevant, holistic, interdisciplinary education.

Career Opportunities:

Production Jobs - This covers food preservation, dress-making, specialized cooking etc. Graduates of Home Science can go on to enter the textile business, fashion designing or even work in hotels and food industry etc.

Research Jobs - One can work as a researcher/scientist in R&D labs of food preservation.

Sales Jobs - Sales promotion of food items (baby foods) are given to home science graduates since they have relevant information and experience.

Service Jobs - Maintenance and supervision of housekeeping departments at tourist resorts, hotels, catering facilities, restaurants etc.

Teaching Jobs - The recognized qualification for a primary school teacher is a Bachelor's degree in Home Science and many postgraduates are absorbed as senior secondary school teachers and college professors.

Technical Jobs - Manufacturing industries do require home science graduates to serve as research assistants.

Nutrition and Dietetics: After doing diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics one can work as Dietician in Hospitals and Nutritionists in Health clinics, health centers, and MNCs

Clothing and Textile:One Can open his/her Self Employment unit related to clothing and textiles

Interior Design: You can become an Interior Designer after doing diploma in Interior designing.

Government Jobs: Chances of getting multiple jobs like Child Development Project Officer and Supervisor in Developmental programs related to women and children