The Department of English at SGRR University offers courses - BA, MA in English and PhD in English. The subject teaches the student about development of English Language and Literature since its inception. We offer a deep insight into the world of literature to critically appreciate literary works by studying different genres like drama, poetry, novel and play. Through the components of study such as literary analyses, critical thinking, cultural studies, socio-economic and political discourses the subject help develop student’s understanding of various periods of literary history and literary texts respectively. Apart from English Literature curriculum, we also offer an extensive study of English language and Communication to help strengthen the student’s linguistic capabilities through theoretical and practical lessons. Intensive mentoring to our students both in and beyond classroom is provided in a wide variety of forums.

English is a widely spoken language across the globe, hence is a gateway to various professions and careers like Writing & Publishing, Journalism, Public Relations, Content Writing & Blogging, Creative Writing, Teaching and Academia, Media & Advertising. The list is not limited to the above cited careers. Graduates can also be hired for the role of Corporate Trainer, Editor, Technical Writer, Training & Development Manager etc. English subject is indispensable nowadays. It is considered as the only ladder to achieve success in various fields because proficiency in English not only makes the student confident but stands him/her out from the crowd.