The Department of Economics is a very active and research-oriented department that focuses on excellence in core economic areas. In addition, the department has a newly established PhD and MA program that aims to prepare students for successful careers in industry and government. Furthermore, the BA program in economics is one of the university's largest undergraduate majors, attracting an increasing number of students from other majors.

The undergraduate economics program is intended to give students a basic understanding of what economists do and how they think. Following the introductory course, students must take Intermediate Microeconomics and Intermediate Macroeconomics to gain a more comprehensive understanding of economic theory. The remaining economics courses used to fulfill the major requirements delve into specific aspects of economics (for example, labour markets, industrial organization, money and banking, economic development, and finance), demonstrating how economists analyze theoretical and empirical issues.

Postgraduate program offers broader knowledge of the core subjects that has been introduced in undergraduate level. Along with that skill enhancement courses like econometrics, environmental economics, agricultural economics are offered which develop skills that help them for future.

PhD course has been introduced in 2020 with a vision of preparing scholars equipped with latest statistical tools and techniques and plagiarism related issues. This will help them to give maximum contribution for the growth and development of an economy.