Department of Pharmacy Practice paves its way with greatfervour, which prepares young pharmacists for future challenges in clinical settings. The school of Pharmaceutical Sciences at SGRR University is the pioneering institution in the state of Uttarakhand to start with the clinical oriented courses M.Pharm (Pharmacy Practice), Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) & Pharm D (Post Baccalaureate) and doctoral program (Ph.D.) in Pharmacy Practice.

The department has a long and distinguished reputation of excellence in the area of clinical pharmacy services, with well-established infrastructure facilities at the Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital, which is a 1500 bedded, super-specialty tertiary care hospital, in the nearby vicinity, funded by the parent body of the institute.

Pharmacy practice is a rewarding career in today’s expanding health care landscape. With the advent of more clinically oriented courses under the Department of Pharmacy Practice, graduates & post-graduates have an important commitment to the health care team, of which they are an integral part. Clinical Pharmacy services have proved and are proving their importance in healthcare systems of the world towards better healthcare. The department under the edge of clinical pharmacy services enables the clinical pharmacist to acquire & apply knowledge of drug action in patient care & to develop skills needed to promote the effective use of medicines in health care settings, by catering to the need of patients& other health care providers, through patient medication counseling, medication order review, drug &poison information services, pharmacist interventions, prescription analysis, ADR monitoring, Pharmaceutical care, drug therapy monitoring, etc.

The Department emphasizes high-quality research and instruction in an atmosphere where undergraduate, as well as graduate students, benefit from the department's research programs.

Our curriculum blends theory and practice, building a solid foundation in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences while immersing students in factual situations. We are dedicated to providing experientially focused learning, where students gain practical skills and knowledge and put them to use. Experiential and rotation-based clinical learning complement classroom-based courses and give the students a competitive edge, preparing them to be leading clinical pharmacists in the community. Through peer learning, collaborative and cooperative approach, the learning environment inculcates a culture of critical thinking, enriching both the students and the faculties.

The curriculum is taught by distinguished faculty members, with outstanding track records, combining excellence and real-world experience with allegiance and diligence. Faculty members are the regular recipients of International & National level awards for their contribution & excellence in the field.