Pharmacognosy is probably the oldest of the modern sciences that involves the study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of natural drugs, including the search for new drugs from natural sources. The subject is one of the core branches in the pharmacy curriculum and therefore found an important niche in the SGRR School of Pharmaceutical Sciences as a coveted department. The department enjoys the reputation of being one of the most sophisticated and well equipped departments in the country. It is accredited by the regulatory body.

The strength of the department lies in its modern labs, sophisticated instruments and high quality research output. The department started producing post graduates and PhD scholars for impressive positions in industry and academia. Research Project and many publications in the journals of national and international repute with good impact factors testify the quality research output of the department. Academic credibility of the department of Pharmacognosy is envisaged by its changing curriculum to meet the current requirements of the pharmaceutical Industry.

Thrust Area:
The department offers extensive training in all aspects of natural products including latest developments in the scientific field. The focused key areas of the department are:

  • Standardization of Crude Drugs,
  • Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Products,
  • Herbal Product Development,
  • Drug Discovery and Development from natural products,
  • Development of Nutraceuticals,
  • Dietary supplements and Cosmeceuticals,
  • Tissue Culture
  • Biotechnology
  • Herbal IPR and Herbal drugs patenting.

Career Path:
The M.Pharm in Pharmacognosy provides a postgraduate degree education in a span of two years that can assist in boosting an individual’s career. This course gives a boost to a candidate’s career, allowing them to be considered for profiles in the professional hiring process. As a result, the salary after M.Pharm in Pharmacognosy in India is always at an increasing rate. The most common areas of recruitment for Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacognosy jobs are:

  • Herbal Industry
  • Medical and Research Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Government and Private Companies