Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is an integral part of pharmacy education involving several aspects of new drug discovery and development in collaboration with other disciplines of pharmacy. The discipline emphasizes the characterization of chemical entities, development and validation of new analytical techniques in drug discovery, drug analysis, Counterfeit medicine analysis and QC testing services. The major objective of the department is to enlighten the requisite skills, develop the desired competencies and meet the pharmaceutical care standards. This led us to impart quality education.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is constituted by well equipped laboratories with various basic and essential instruments useful for the routine practical and research work. This includes Precision Digital Balance, Magnetic Stirrer, High-Speed Centrifuge, and Hot Air Oven and many more. Department activities also involved many advanced instruments to facilitate the research work, which includes UV- VIS spectrophotometer, FT-IR, HPLC, Sonicator, Electrophoresis, Polarimeter & many more Softwares etc.

The faculty members of this department are deep-rooted in synthetic, analytical, medicinal chemistry, phytochemistry, computational and biochemistry. The curriculum includes extensive lectures as well as laboratory sessions to ensure that students can connect theory to practice and apply their theoretical knowledge gained.

The department strives towards publishing their research in international & national journals of repute with good impact factor journals and also attends and presents their research work in many national and international forum i.e. seminars and conferences.

Thrust Area

  • Various approaches for solubility enhancement.
  • Green synthesis of potentially useful chemical entities for various disorders.
  • Method Development & validation of Active Pharmaceutical ingredients in bulk & dosage form.
  • Simultaneous estimation of drugs by U.V Spectroscopy & HPLC.

Career Path

  • Drug Discovery & Development
  • Computer aided drug design (CADD)
  • Organic & Medicinal Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical QA& QC
  • Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug
  • Pharmaceutical Analytical R & D