The department of Radiology and Imaging Technology is the medical discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat disease within the bodies of humans and animal.

Radiology health profession is concerned with the direct administration of radiation. The term “diagnostic radiography” is used to describe a variety of radiographic or x-ray examinations. 

Medical imaging is not just about taking radiographs, medical imaging technologists also explain procedures to patients and support patients through the radiological process. The profession of Medical Radiology Technician requires attention to people’s needs, propensity to communication, and accuracy in acting, ability to work in a group. The interest in health technology and computer applications connected to it is necessary, in order to produce, process, transmit and store biomedical images, useful for protecting the health of citizens.

B.Sc Radiology graduates can work both in private & government hospitals in a number of job profile such as Radiographer, Radiology Technician,  Ultrasound Technician, Sonographer, MRI Technician and CAT Technologist, Radiology Assistant,

Duration : 3.5 years (including 6 month Internship).