The Department offers a Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry program that is two years, or four semesters. This course is well-designed to train students for professions in the pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, cosmeceutical, chemical, and herbal medication industries, in addition to careers in drug research and application. The program also emphasizes practical skills to ensure that students are skilled in various industrial methods and tools used in industry research and development departments, cutting-edge research, and graduate programs. The department's professors are actively involved in academic pursuits such as research. The department's professors have presented their research at national and international conferences in India and abroad and also had their work published in reputable national and international journals. Some professors have published books with international/national publishers and contributed chapters to foreign-published books. The department has collaborated with nationally renowned research organizations and industries, including Sun Pharma, East African, Divya Pharmacy: Patanjali Haridwar, UCOST, CSIR–IIP, FRI, Dehradun, CSIR–CDRI Lucknow, CSIR–CIMAP, CSIR–NBRI, NIPER and IISER, and East African and CSIR-CIMAP. The synthesis and characterization of novel natural products, their formulations for distinct drug delivery systems, enhancing the surface biocompatibility of pharmaceutical devices, and their in vitro/in vivo testing will be the primary areas of concentration in the frontier field of natural materials research.

Carrier Path:

  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Formulation and development(F&D)
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Clinical Research
  • Drug Inspector
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Q.A (Analyst, Executive & Manager)
  • Production
  • Regulatory (Affairs & Manager)
  • Higher education (Ph.D.)


  • Pioneering post-graduation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry since 2005.
  • Well-equipped laboratories with sophisticated instruments.
  • Faculty actively involved in research with numerous publications in reputed journals.
  • Strong placement record with alumni working in renowned pharmaceutical companies.