• Aditi Tomar

    B.Ed. (2017-19)

    It is indeed a privilege for me to take admission in SGRR University. All the teaching staff of the college is exceptionally good. They take a lot of pain for the students to make the teaching learning process more effective. In order to keep the students abreast of time many workshops and seminars are conducted which helps the students to excel in their fields. Interactive classes enable the students to have a peep into the digital age which is the need of hour. It was all possible because of the constant support and guidance of our teachers. We the students of SGRR University are not only well equipped with the academic skills but also enlightened with the vision and the mission.

    Aditi Tomar B.Ed. (2017-19)

    B.Ed. (2017-19)

    SHRI GURU RAM RAI University is a great platform for students, it enrich the students with knowledge and also groom academically. Faculties are very professional, helpful, caring, and are always interested to well-being of their students. Being a student in college of education here, I can positively say that the university has made me a better person and help me to develop a positive attitude toward my studies and discover more about myself.

    ANKIT UNIYAL B.Ed. (2017-19)
  • Manpreet Kaur

    B.ED (2017-19)

    SGRR University is an esteemed university that provides me a perfect platform for developing discipline, punctuality and hard Working skills. It offers a blend of learning and amusement. The study ambience makes it easy for a student to learn and gather high quality education. Beside our regular studies, co-curricular activities sharpen our mind and develop leadership quality in me. I owe to my teachers who always guide me in a positive direction.

    Manpreet Kaur B.ED (2017-19)
  • Namrta Singh

    B.Ed. (2017-19)

    It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that that I am a student of SGRR College of Education of SGRR University, Dehradun. The relationship between student and faculties is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The time I spend here has helped me to grow better professionally and personally. I would like to thank all my faculties for making me a better person.

    Namrta Singh B.Ed. (2017-19)
  • Priti Kulshrestha

    B.Ed. (2017-19)

    The SGRR College of Education of SGRR University is perhaps the only platform for B. Ed in Dehradun that pays full attention to Regularity and sincerity of the candidates. It is a perfect blend of quality education and personal touch. 

    Priti Kulshrestha B.Ed. (2017-19)

    B.ED 1ST YEAR (2017-19)

    ‘SGRR UNIVERSITY- “Unity in Diversity” was my first impression on seeing this college. It has changed my life by bettering the person that I am…I’m able to give back all the knowledge that I obtained at SGRR to students who will be the forthcoming future. Last but not the least I want to conclude; that the management & teachers are very co-operative & kind to students.’

  • Bhawana Saklani

    Programme: B.Ed. (2015-17)
    It gives me immense pleasure to state that I have completed my B.Ed. from this esteemed and renowned institution. The cordial relationship between faculty members and students helped me to develop a positive attitude towards my career and discover more about myself. The time spent here been a golden period of my life which I will cherish always in my memories. I would like to thank the whole staff and faculty members for putting all their efforts to bring a better educator in me.
    Bhawana Saklani Programme: B.Ed. (2015-17)
  • Deepak Rawat

    Programme: B.Ed. (2015-17)
    The SGRR College of Education (S.G.R.R. University, Dehradun) is one of the renowned colleges for its quality education. The faculty of the department is well experienced and skilled. It is the college of excellence and developing potentials. I feel grateful to be a part of this College.
    Deepak Rawat Programme: B.Ed. (2015-17)
  • Isha Bansal

    Bachelor of Education
    S.G.R.R. College of Education aims at generating far sighted and innovative teachers and I am glad to be a by-product of this institution. These 2 years at S.G.R.R. College of Education have enhanced my learning curve. The B. Ed course is a really hands-on and practical course. You actually learn the skills needed for the job. With skilled and experienced faculty, you learn to deal with the toughest sort of situations just by observing how they handle a class especially when you go for the internships. The faculties were very supportive and helped me throughout.
    Isha Bansal Bachelor of Education
  • Ruchika Pant

    B.Ed. (2015-17)
    “It is a very friendly atmosphere at the SGRR College of Education. You have great access to teachers and they are willing to give extra help and guidance whenever needed. The teachers do push you a bit harder which is great when you get the desired results. The college has a great reputation for results and success and this is due to the staff and the set up.”
    Ruchika Pant B.Ed. (2015-17)