Respiratory Medicine


With the blessing of our Hon’ble chairman Shri Mahant Devendra Das Ji ,The Department of Respiratory Medicine is flourishing due to taking keen interest & allocating extra budget for the development of the department and encouraging our young faculty members and technical staff who is always taking interest to give extra benefit to the patient by organizing the sleep disorder camp (OSAS), Allergy camp and special camp for patient for COPD and bronchial asthma and clinic for Respiratory rehabilitation.

We are also thankful to our Principle Dr. A.K.Mehta and Medical superintendent Dr. Vinay Rai who is always showing interest for the growth of department by sanctioning the International research project(For the bronchial asthma).also thankful for proving the facilities to the patient for Bronchoscopy, sleep study,PFT,DLCO,Allergy testing and arranging the programs for the RNTCP.

FUTURE PLANNING:- In future we are expanding the department for the care of lung cancer by providing chemotherapy, airway stenting debulking of the endobronchial tumors and for correct diagnosis and staging of mediastinal diseases by EBUS bronchoscope.