The Department of Radiology at SGRRIMHS, Dehradun is a state of art, fully equipped facility providing professional diagnostic and consultative services to referring physicians and patients. The department of Radiology is the premier facility in the state of Uttarakhand. The advance technology & expertise of faculty helps in comprehensive patient evaluation and reaching accurate diagnosis for all the clinical problems of patient's. The department assures the patients that they are receiving some of the finest imaging services available anywhere.

Services Offered

A full range of screening, diagnostic and interventional procedures are performed. A highly trained and professional radiology team performs and interprets these imaging tests

Department Facilities

The Department possesses a high end 1.5 Tesla Siemens Avanto SQ engine with TIM technology. MRI is a non-invasive procedure that uses powerful magnets and radio waves to construct pictures of the body. These images, or slices, can be projected, stored in a computer, printed on films and burned on CD.

The machine gives very high resolution images. The machine has facilities for all kinds of MRI examinations such as whole body imaging with TIM technology, submillimeter and faster imaging- SPACE, BLADE- motion correction software for non-cooperative patients and small children, SWI- Susceptibility weighted imaging for clear definition of intracranial bleeds and calcification, Advanced 2D MR Spectroscopy, BOLD Functional imaging, Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) for tractography, CISS and DESS for high resolution inner ear and joint imaging, REVEAL- whole body diffusion for metastasis detection, MRCP, MR Pyelography, Advanced MR angiography etc. All kind of coils are available such as for MR Mammography. In addition, facilities for anesthesia and sedation are available within the MR gantry room. The machine has only 145 cm length making it less claustrophobic and making feet first imaging possible. The machine also has very low acoustic noise.

Following MRI scans are available:

  • Head (Brain), Epilepsy protocol, Diffusion imaging, functional imaging, Tractography, Perfusion studies.
  • PNS
  • Orbits
  • Inner ear
  • Neck
  • Thorax
  • Abdomen
  • Pelvis
  • Spine
  • Spinal cord
  • Extremity bones
  • Soft tissues
  • Angiography of head, neck, renal, peripheral and other vessels
  • Cisternography

Computed Tomography (CT) is a method of body imaging in which a thin X-ray beam rotates around the patient. Small detectors interpret the X-rays that make it through the patient or particular area of interest. A computer analyzes the data to construct a cross-sectional image. These images can be stored, viewed on a monitor, or printed on film. Philips Ingenuity 128 slice scanner is installed which is the state of art facility and one of its kind in state of Uttarakhand that scan the patient in minimum time and with minimum radiation dose. GE CTe Dual slice spiral CT Scanner is installed in the emergency block. System is equipped with multi-projection volume reconstruction, 3D software- surface and volumetric renderings. The following CT studies are performed.

  • Head. Non contrast and contrast enhanced scans are done. Also perfusion studies are done to assess the flow in diseased and normal brain tissue.
  • PNS
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Multiphasic studies of liver
  • Spine
  • Bones & joints
  • Soft tissues
  • Cisternography
  • Coronary Angiography
  • Angiography –cerebral, thoracic & abdominal aorta, Renal, Carotid, upper and lower limb arteries etc.
  • Virtual bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, endoscopy etc
  • Thin 0.6 mm slices for inner ear with excellent 3D reconstructions.
  • 3D of bones and joints etc.
  • CT Guided Biopsy of lung mass, liver mass, renal mass, bone tumors and other lesions.

The Department possesses a high end Philips Allura Xper FD 20/10 Machine for Vascular Interventions.

We offer full range of Coronary and Peripheral Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures. Vascular services for all patients encompass diagnostic Angiography, Stents, Thrombolysis, Inferior Vena cava (IVC) filter placement, Management of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), Hemodialysis grafts, Embolization of Vascular lesions and Venous Access. In addition Neuroangiography and Interventions facilities are available which include Endo-vascular Aneurysmal coiling, AVM and Tumor Embolizations and Thrombolysis for Stroke patients.

Mammography: The department is equipped with the latest GE RT mammography machine with special viewing monitors for the radiologist. This is coupled with breast ultrasound which typically improves mammographic and clinical skills.

Breast cancer is the second biggest killer of women next to cervical cancer.

A base line mammogram is recommended after the age of 40 years with regular yearly screening after 40 years of age, especially more so in those with family history of disease. Regular mammography screening helps detect cancer early and thus save many precious lives. It is also advisable prior to HRT (Hormone replacement therapy), in any skin changes, nipple discharge, persistent pain, lump etc. Mammograms and ultra-sound scans are complimentary investigations and help detect lesions that may not be apparent in one investigation. Mammography is however highly sensitive in fatty breasts and is the recommended investigation for screening.
We have latest Philips machine (IU- 22) for sonomammography. It also has latest facility of breast elastography which is very helpful in categorizing breast lesions as benign and malignant.
There is a dedicated breast MRI with special breast coils to perform dynamic breast MRI examination.
Thus for breast imaging we have
-Mammography-latest GE equipment.
-Breast ultrasound (sonomammography).
-Breast elastography.
-Breast MRI

Recently, the department has installed Digital Radiography System by Allengers Medical System MARS 50 Digital Radiography -630mA, 125 kV.

Advantage of Digital Radiography (DR): Digital image processing (overcome errors in exposure factor selection) for enhanced details.

  • Preview image is available in less than 3 seconds (no long wait for patients).
  • Perfectly dry film printing (no chemicals).
  • No physical movement of cassettes (faster operation).
  • Wide dynamic range (soft tissues and hard bones can be seen together).
  • Superb image quality due to fine pixels and high contrast image.
  • Post processing adds more to the image quality.
  • Efficient and user friendly work flow due to DICOM based system.

CR Radiography plus Fluoroscopy System: Real-time dynamic imaging using x-rays (for the purpose of procedural guidance) is referred to as "fluoroscopy". User-friendly, high-performance, CR based x-ray system is available in the department capable of producing good-quality x-ray images with reasonable use of radiation dose. Such imaging techniques are commonly associated with contrast medium aided examinations of the gastrointestinal tract.

Following X-ray Special procedures are performed in the department:

  • Barium Procedures like Ba Swallow, Ba Meal, Ba Meal FT and Ba Enema
  • MCU
  • Urethrogram
  • IVU
  • HSG

The following Radiography, Digital Radiography and CR System machines are in the department:

  • GE HF Advantage / Simplex - 400 mA
  • GE DX 525 with IITV - 500 mA
  • Allengers HF Medical System MARS 50 - 600 mA
  • Allengers Medical Sysm 50 Plus Fluoroscopy- 800 mA
  • Multiease Siemens Xray - 800 mA
  • Allengers 300mA
  • Allengers Medical System MARS 50 Digital Radiography -630mA, 125 kV
  • CR system
  • Fuji CR System-2
  • Fuji Dry pix 7000-2
  • Fuji Dry pix Plus-1

For mobile radiography, seven portable X-ray machines are available.

The department of radiology are equipped with following Ultrasound machines which contribute to the high level of confidence of the Radiologist for evaluation of the lesions and serve as excellent guiding tools for the various Diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures.

Courses Offered