Physiology Department (Sharir Kriya Vigyan) with all its spread and galore is located on the ground floor adjacent to the edifice of lecture theatre and examination hall.

Teaching and Evaluation

A strong team of staff of this department holds following routine Activities efficiently

Academic Activities Undergraduate Teaching
  • Lecture & Demonstration classes are conducted with the help of available different audio-visual aids i.e. LCD, OHP, Black board, Digital display Microscope etc
  • Practical demonstration are shown to the students in different laboratories especially with the stress on teaching the significance to the clinical applicability.
  • Tutorials are held weekly where learning of the students are carried out in different interesting ways to get their spirited participation- ie sessions of Problem based questions, Fill-in blanks, Multiple Choice questions, Figures drawing, Spotting test exercises, Viva-voce, Model forming, Quiz, Seminar etc. These activities are also reckoned for Day- today assessment record of the students.
  • They are also made to visit different clinical departments in very small groups to get orientated with their present learning.
  • Periodically the written test at the end of each system/unit of the physiology and lab tests are held to facilitate their interest and regularity in the subject.
Postgraduate Teaching
  • Seminars, journal clubs and PG lectures are held every fortnightly.
  • Participation to all undergraduate classes is essential
  • Undergraduate teaching during practical classes in different labs.
  • To carry out Thesis practical and writing work.
  • To carry out all the PG practicals and to maintain a log book and all laboratories manuals.
  • Periodical Theory and Practical assessment.
  • To prepare for publication and conference presentations.
  • To complete interdepartmental posting

Courses Offered