The Department of Pathology in the Medical College campus is housed in a separate triple story building of its own having a plinth area of about 9576 sq ft. as per MCI requirements. Separate service laboratories and premises for Histopathology, Immunohistopathology, Cyto pathology, Flow cytometry, Fluorescent microscopy, Special hematology, Research lab, departmental library, seminar room and rooms for faculty are located on the ground floor. Two practical laboratories capable of accommodating a total of 200 students at a time, two demonstration cum tutorial room for 80 students each, departmental museum, preparation rooms, and non teaching staff rooms are located on the first floor. Third floor have a large “state of the art” college auditorium of a capacity of 800 seating arrangements.
Under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced faculty, the students learn theory and practical in the subject of pathology. Theory classes regularly involve the use of latest audiovisual aids and PowerPoint presentations with LCD projectors. Digital microscope with facilities for providing photography for reference is also available. Undergraduate students are privileged to use binocular self illuminating microscopes for practical classes and maintain a record of experiments in practical record book. The department also have one five headed (penta head) and  one ten headed (deca head) microscope for teaching and demonstrating ten post graduate students at a time.

The museum is stocked with large number of surgical specimens from all the systems of the body, apart from charts and demonstration material. Seminars conducted by the MBBS and MD students,class tests and MCQ quiz are held frequently imparting international quality of medical education.

Post Graduate Courses
The department of Pathology received permission from MCI to start MD course in 2011. Presently twelve MD students are undergoing training as per MCI curriculum and the first batch of 2 students has passed MD examination in the presence of MCI assessors in April 2014.  MD Pathology is recognized by Medical Council of India. In 2014 permission of four MD seats was granted by the MCI. Fourth batch of four MD students have passed MD examination in the presence of MCI assessors in June 2017.

Courses Offered