Uttarakhand is an important state of our century, If we look into the records we find that in the year 2015-2016 many accident and case had happened in the state .

To serve and save those cases, the department of orthopedics has a special role to perform, our medical college (SGRRIMHS) specially the department of orthopaedics in providing Immediate emergency and follow up heath and life saving care facilities since many years now. In fact the department is doing a remarkable social services to the accident and trauma patients who are native of this area , particularly to the peoples residing in very difficulty terrains and under privileged for health view points.

The Department has been equipped with C-arm image intensifier, Arthroscopic equipment and instruments to perform most complex surgeries including joint replacement, spinal surgeries and Arrthroscopic surgery. The Orthopaedic teams join hands with Neuro Surgeon, Reconstructice surgeon in treating Poly Trauma patients. The departments are routinely doing complex trauma, Spinal fixations, Lumbar discectomics and arthoscopic surgeries.

Courses Offered