ENT & Speech Therapy


The department is equipped with diagnostic Endoscopy and has an advanced ENT set up. All kinds of microscopic surgeries of Ear, Nose and Throat are being performed. Facilities of speech therapists and Audiologists are available. The department is carrying out all types of surgeries of ear, nose throat and head and neck. More than 80 cochlear implant surgeries has been carried out the department under RSBY scheme. Facilities exist for all types of microsurgeries of ear, nose throat and for endoscopic surgeries of nose/para Nasal Sinus (PNS). All these surgeries are routinely performed.The department has been providing care to the needs of ENT patients in general as well as imparting highly specialized tertiary services. The department has a well-equipped audiology section and carries out various investigations like audiometry, impedence audiometry, brain stem evoked response audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, electronystagmography etc. Speech Rehabilitation is provided to the patient under care of trained audiologist and speech therapist.


Lecture & Demonstration classes are conducted with the help of available different audio-visual aids i.e. LCD, OHP, Black board, Digital display Microscope etc. Tutorials are held weekly where learning of the students are carried out in different interesting ways to get their spirited participation- ie sessions of Problem based questions, Fill-in blanks, Multiple Choice questions, Figures drawing, Spotting test exercises, Viva-voce, Model forming, Quiz, Seminar etc. These activities are also reckoned for Day- today assessment record of the students.

The XI th Annual Conference of Uttarakhand State Association of Otolaryngologists of India was organized by the department in April 2017 along with a Temporal Bone Dissection Course and a pg quiz. Recently 1st International Endoscopic Ear Surgery Workshop was organized by the ENT department in the month of October in which world famous ENT surgeon Dr. Daniele Marchioni was the chief guest.
Another temporal bone dissection workshop is being proposed to be held in the month of November.

Courses Offered